Prepaid Debit Cards

Here at EZ Cash, we are able to transfer your cash onto a card known as a pre-paid debit card. There are countless advantages of having this debit card including the fact that it is an easy and simple process to reload the card and it helps people stay out of debt. Also, EVERYONE qualifies no matter your credit history. Using a card to manage your money is so much easier when you have to fill up with gas, buy groceries, or even online shop.

You May Want a Prepaid Card If:

You want a card that won’t let you overspend.

You would like a credit card in the future, but you want to practice first.

You either have no credit history or bad credit.

You don’t want to open up and deal with a traditional bank account.

How Can I Get a Pre-Paid Debit Card?

These are extremely easy to get. There are no credit checks or even a time consuming application. You will need:

     Cash in hand

     Name, Address, and Phone Number

     Valid Photo ID that is Government issued

After about 5-7 business days, your permanent card will arrive in the mail. Your temporary card will be issued to you the same day.